To uncover the way that I think comes from a constant surveillance of the things being done while they are being done. I know my concern is with how things or thoughts are originated. And as I write this here I am wondering if there is anyone else, at this very moment, having similar thoughts or actions.

I am not concerned with my personal thoughts because thoughts come like rain and each drop of water will fall on different surfaces at different times and they make different sounds. My mind is likened to one of these surfaces and so the sound or reaction that I produce will be a by-product of my individual density.

How do I translate this reception into something tangible as art? My process is semi-guided by intentionality. I want to portray my concepts from now into tomorrow and not from the past, which can get very confusing whenever the whole sentient life of the planet is brought into consideration. I cannot separate now from the past no matter how hard I try. But I feel the future can be affected by what I do now.

The identity string runs from location to individual to family to biology to planet to solar system and on and on. I choose the nonrepresentational mode of visual communication to elevate my feelings on life.


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