The word has many meanings, but I deal with only one aspect of them. ‘Having the senses unemployed, insensible to outward objects’. Websters Dictionary. ‘Abstract as in a trance’   – John Milton.

I guess this is what it means to me when I am involved in the making of art. I had the notion that if I could abandon knowledge or surface intelligence that there would be primal consciousness, which is the basis of all human intentional actions. There is no way that I could erase all of my conscious experience before I made the decision to abandon what I know already. Nor could I discontinue the habits that I have formed in my life up to the point where I have decided to be mindful of what I am doing.

A mentor, Lucio Pozzi, once said to me, ‘Never know what you are going to do, but always be aware of what you are doing.’ But I am a conscious being and I make decisions of either, or, all the time without even knowing that I am doing it.

As I am working on this construct-painting now, I have to be both abstract and concrete in my actions. Because, I have to decide on how to put the thing together solidly and at the same time I am allowing the thing to develop organically into whatever configuration it will have eventually.

After all that is done I shall paint and another set of decisions will be evident.

I am trying to find a reason to the thoughts that occupy my mind. Like, what is the eventual consequence of the collective subconscious. It must exist as a body or something that envelopes the planet. Maybe there is no reason at all.

Yet I shall go on making art the way a spider spins it’s web, using the wind to cross wide spaces to anchor a thread. I am not sure if that is the way it works for a spider. I can only guess.


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