Mind at the end of Idea.

I see the computer like mind at the end of an idea. I could never draw or create sketches for paintings as fast as I do on a computer with a simple program. When I feel to change my mind on a color that covers, say, 70% of the surface, the change is immediate, I like that. It feels like imagination at work. It’s in my mind and in a matter of seconds, it is in front of my eyes. Yet there are lots of variables missing. For now I don’t mind that. That is why I need to see them as real paintings. As I see them right now in my mind the image is much bigger than what I see when I work on the laptop.

But I know, most if not all of the images I imagine, usually turn out to not satisfy the feeling I have whenever I confront a painting or something beautiful that really vibrates inside of me. Working direct has always been the way I think about creative working. Sketch remains sketch.

Every painting is performance on an chickenconvene

idea from start to finish.