How do I work?

My first year in art school I found Eugene Delacroix. The ways he painted fascinated me and I wanted to paint like he did. I tried. The chair of the fine art department said to me “You know, if Delacroix was alive today he would not be painting the way he did then.”  How true, I thought, because he was not painting like anyone before him. This opened my mind to the time I live in. Representation did not have any great meaning to me anymore. That was 30 years ago.

I am not a very polished painter person and I am always in a hurry to complete an idea to see how it turns out. There is a part of the personality trait I hold that is tactile oriented. So, constructing the “things” I paint on is an important part of my process and the need of a particular type of material to work with is not a great concern either.

So how do I exist and work? I give my desires up to the influences of my environment. This is usually where the tactile materials come from. They may be free but not cheap in labor and time. I collect, then select, then clean, then refine, cut, fit and secure. Paint (color) comes last.

I think intelligence is a by-product of matter and chance meeting in the appropriate arena. There is no god or a big bang. Different things happen in different places and time.


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