Spacial Limit in Art

My goal is to know the limitless possibilities of doing paintings purely with lines. They are not knowledge lines as much as they are vibe lines that suggest other vibes in other people.

Yes I believe there is an energy that is given off from every motion and thought each consciousness being has. I make an effort to be aware of these simultaneous deliberate and subconscious actions. This  process is the result of a practice I did for years after my BFA program. It involved drawing while creating a system of lines in such a way that is as automatic as writing proven  math theorems on a chalk board.

With all this freedom in creating lines I am faced with the limits of space and the boundaries I must deal with. A canvas has a limit to it’s size. My subject within the canvas space also has its limits. After color field painting the line, not the brush stroke,  is the next component of painting to explore as a subject  in art.2013 paintings 0322013 paintings 0332013 paintings 030113_3169

All these drawings/ paintings are done on 36 inch x 54 inch HP inkjet paper.




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