Dance in the dark

Art has always been and always will be representational, no matter how you look at it. Successful art elevates our response to the mysteries of life and consciousness. Beauty is not a thing to prejudge it usually appeals to me whenever I see or experience for the first time. If I were to judge things by prejudice then I would be limiting my experiences before they actually happen.

One reason why I opted towards the abstract in art was because I felt that the ideal most representations of the sacred in life was always anthropomorphic and I wondered why is it that we see all the world through our own image. Why is it that we made god in our own image and then claim it to be the other way around?

I had an exercise in art school to do a drawing for an alien being describing where we live. All I could think of was energy and how could I represent that. I think the birth of abstraction in art came from a rebellion against the rule. Somehow I believed that true creative transcendence came about through an exception to the rule.

I wanted to find that exception from within myself, open it and let it happen. Yet I had subjective preferences or prejudices that needed to be identified and let go of. Things that became important to the development of my faculties? My environment; the landscape, the culture, the ways we walk and do things like drawing and writing.

Religion was too much on intelligence, too much on what is known and proven already. I went away from the light and into the dark to walk, swim or dance.swan stew.

Mondrian claimed to be a dancer but he was a very stiff one, robotic. Mark Rothko never danced he sat still with space like ‘The monk by the sea’. Cy Twombly never really danced he had good uninhibited handwriting.